Anonymous said: Why do you love your ex so much seems like all she does is hurt you.

Because she’s the yin to my yang. She balances me out and vice versa. She deserves it and I need her just as much as she needs me even if she doesn’t realize it. I love her as a whole, flaws and all. She makes me happy, and she was everything that I was looking for in the past 6 years I was single before we were together.She’s more than enough for me. And I seriously am grateful for that.

She’s like my best friend. She has so many good qualities in herself that I can see that other people don’t. I see the true potential in her very being. I know deep down she’s an amazing person. She has personal issues just like everybody else, and I may not be able to fix her but I would lend everything in my power to help her become better.

I love her, I love her at my utmost core, from simply as a friend to a passionate lover. I’ll always be there for her. People make mistakes and no ones perfect. So when you truly love someone, mistakes are forgiven and you move forward only to build a stronger foundation and you learn from it.

Hopefully that small fraction of words helps you understand the gist between us.

And she doesn’t hurt me all the time, it’s simply I get upset with certain situations and the outcomes. It’s only natural as a human being.
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September 27, 2014


why is this ruining my life

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